An organisation that can build on each other

There are people who claim that a large organization is synonymous to decisiveness. More employees would mean a better organization. Experience has taught us, however, that in larger organizations the necessary alertness, and so your importance, is compromised. The Willem Dijk organization has therefore consciously remained smaller. Our departments connect seamlessly and the purchaser and sellers are perfectly in tune. They never lose sight of each other or your importance. 

Fresh quality products

Those who deal with potatoes, fruit and vegetables every day know that distance and organisation are inextricably linked. Especially when you insist upon a 24 hour handling period being the absolute limit. To achieve this goal we have to keep intensive contact with shippers. Our commission agents regularly update us from the floor. This way we remain alert to changes on the market. This benefits the quality and freshness of the products. 

Personal contact from start to finish

It’s important for a good collaboration that you know us through and through and that we know you. This is why personal sales are a high priority. You can choose whether you pass on your orders by phone or by email/online (website) or whether to come and pick your products at our warehouse. Our purchaser and seller will gladly help you with this. 

We know you appreciate meeting the same people each time. This is why when we deliver your order, it will not be through a stranger. Our drivers follow set routes. Each delivery is therefore done by the same driver. A comfortable, trusted idea.