From friendly service to wholesale

Willem Dijk senior, who was the owner of a grocery after the war, bought a truck for personal use one lucky day. As independent as he was, he liked to control things himself. Buying and transporting potatoes, fruit and vegetables himself meant determining the quality himself. Gradually, Willem Dijk senior also started taking over the transport for fellow grocers. His daring and perseverance meant that not long after, Willem Dijk Senior was a commissioner for the auctions of Zevenaar and Zwolle, among others. 

The second generation

Willem Dijk senior had two sons: Gerty and Willem junior. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Gerty, the eldest, became a commissioner at the auction in Zevenaar; Willem jr. was originally a driver and later took over the purchasing activities. When Willem sr. retired in 1985, Gerty and Willem jr. took over the company under the name Gebroeders Dijk. 

In 1987 Gerty left the company to continue as a buyer for Altena. His brother Willem continued alone with two trucks and visited the auctions, where he met Jaap Kodde, potato grower in Dronten. This turned out to be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration 

When the VTN (now the Greenery) took over the auctions in 1992, Willem continued under the same roof with Hennie Aartsen. However, this collaboration didn’t last long. Less than two years later there was a radical change. Willem said goodbye to Aartsen and moved the company into the current location at Enschede. Brother Gerty returned to the family company as the head of commercial purchasing and sales. 

Pushing boundaries

With Willem Dijk at the helm and Gerty Dijk as the head purchaser and seller, the boundaries were slowly but surely pushed further. The suppliers in the Netherlands were supplemented with Spanish and French suppliers. Bananas and citrus in particular started to win territory in the Willem Dijk assortment. Daring and perseverance have always been present. Now once again both characteristics came in handy. Two own brands were launched: Werkelijk Delicaat and Coelx. Both brands stood and stand as a guarantee for quality products. 

The third generation

In 1999 a new Willem Dijk junior entered the company. Willem jr. could be found in the warehouse from a young age. By the time he officially joined the company, he already knew the organisation like the back of his hand. Willem has been part of the management along with Willem sr. since 2005. As the operational director Willem jr. has control of the day to day management of the company. Willem sr. ensures that the quality of the assortment is and remains of a high lever as controller. He also maintains contact with the suppliers abroad, often on location. 

We are ready for you!

The years have done nothing to diminish the attention to quality, freshness and shelf life. The company is fitted with the newest cooling technique systems, as are the trucks. Willem Dijk AGF is also HACCP and ISO-9002 certified and has a complete advanced computer controlled order process. This way our buyers can pass on their order online. Thanks to a collective input, Willem Dijk is a well oiled organisation. One that has never forgotten that service is a powerful tool. Customer satisfaction is therefore a given in our family company.