We don’t import fruit and vegetables, we import quality. From the moment the fruit is on the tree, we check the quality. Whether it’s in Spain or France, the controls remain strict. 

As Willem Dijk jr. says; “You don’t import fruit and vegetables, you call it importing quality”. 

These controls are possible because we have intensive contact with our shippers. We import a lot, so check a lot. There is also an on-location personal control once a month. 

Quick, skilled delivery

Our team has years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, including in import. This brings with it many advantages. We know the best growers in Europe and always chose top quality and own import. The cauliflower that was on a field in France yesterday, is in your shop today. 

Imported home brand 

Geïmporteerd house brand

Willem Dijk AGF has two home brands, Filosofo and Elefant, with which we supply the most delicious citrus. We also offer tasty apples from Sudtirol and package various foreign product under the brand Werkelijk Delicaat. Product of which each and every one is of excellent quality. You can read more about this under “Home brands”.

Imported products

From exotic countries we import: avocados, cuave, kiwis, mangoes, rambutan, mangosteen, logan, apple bananas, plantains, casaves, garter, kiwano, passion fruit, phales, Peppino’s, pitahaja, limes, limquats, babaco, red banana, fig, caranbola programs, cherimoya, curuba, durian, khaki, sharon, Jerusalem artichoke, pineapple, tamarillo’s, pomegranates, bald bark, quinces, nashi and okra. 

We also import from: 

  • Spain: various types of melons, strawberries, peaches, nectarines and plums (in the summer), and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and lettuces (in winter);
  • Italy: watermelons, dill, parsley and various types of tomatoes;
  • Belgium: many kinds of tomatoes and other vegetables (Flandria);
  • Greece: watermelons, grapes, peaches and nectarines.