Potatoes, vegetables and fruit pass through many hands. In many cases this includes the trade from grower to consumer.  This isn’t the case with Willem Dijk AGF. Whether it’s the distance from the field to the customer or between us and you. We chose the shortest route to guarantee the best quality. 

Our people all have years of experience in the fruit and vegetable branch, which has many advantages. We know what’s going on in the market, are familiar with the work on the auction, have experience as commissioners and love potatoes, fruits and vegetables like no other. This is why we also choose quality and own import first. 

Seven advantages listed

If you choose Willem Dijk AGF, you are choosing a variety of advantages. Various types of buyers in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain have preceded you. Think specialty businesses, the street trade, supermarkets and the catering wholesalers and cutting and processing companies. 

#1 A closed cold chain from producer to customer

Our trucks and shippers drive to your shop at home and abroad foreseen of the latest cooling techniques. There isn’t a moment between the supplier and your shop when the wares are subjected to a temperature higher than 7° Celsius. The cooling equipment on the trucks meets the most modern norms. This gives you the security that your product constantly has the right temperature and remains fresh. Between you and the grower is a travelling distance of 24 hours max. No more. 

#2 We make it slightly fresher

We guarantee freshness for all of our products by controlling the temperature in our complex. We have special cooling cells with a constant temperature of 3° Celsius and a cooling cell specifically for exotics with a constant temperature of 6° Celsius. Our banana cell has a temperature of 13° Celsius and the drop shed has a space cooling of 7° Celsius.  

#3 Our quick-witted team is ready for you

Sharp buying calls for an alert organization. Willem Dijk therefore has quick-witted and qualified employees. This is the only way we can guarantee that your quality order can be at your door when you need it, for a sharp price. 

#4 Quick delivery

Order before 17:00, have it delivered the next day. We have been living up to this golden rule for years with our full team. Our phone sales can be contacted during the week from 7.00 – 17.00 and from 7.30 – 12.30 on Saturday. 

We have known for years that sometimes an order springs to mind with our buyers after 17.00. This isn’t a problem at Willem Dijk. After 17.00 one of our warehouse workers will answer the phone. They will gladly help you with a possible backorder. 

#5 Cash & Carry

Our warehouse (cash & carry) is open from 07.00 -17.30 Monday to Friday and between 07.30 – 11.00 on Saturday. You are very welcome to visit the Wolbert 1-11 in Enschede to pick out and collect your goods yourself. Our warehouse workers will gladly assist you with this. Of course you can also order before and collect your order. 

We don’t supply to catering. Ask for the sales conditions at the warehouse. 

#6 Create a personal package

Willem Dijk has a wide assortment of potatoes, vegetables and fruit. More and more often we are offering herbs, sauces, crudités and fruit juices. Due to the hugely extended assortment you can make every possible composition. 

#7 HACCP certified

Quality control and food safety is of the utmost importance for us. We have therefore been HACCP certified since the start of Willem Dijk. As of 2006 we have been certified for the new revised HACPP quality system. The new revision has two norms: the A and B varieties. We are fully certified by ECAS (European Certification for the Agrarian Sector) for both. You can download the certificates at the bottom of the page. 

Uw Groenteman (Your Greengrocer)

Uw Groenteman is collaboration partnership between 13 businesses with a greengrocer and Willem Dijk. The emphasis of the collaboration is mainly on carrying out joint actions, promotions and purchasing. All  important tasks and businesses are coordinated from Willem Dijk AGF. 

Composing your own package

Willem Dijk has a large assortment of potatoes, vegetables and fruit. But that’s not all. There are herbs, sauces, crudités and fruit juices on shelves more and more often. You can compose any variation imaginable with our extensive assortment.