Consistent quality shows a master

A wide assortment is an absolute must in the fruit and vegetable branch nowadays. You want to treat your customers to as many variations as possible. We’d rather offer more choice than less. This means that if you want a wide assortment of good quality products all year round this top assortment can be found at Willem Dijk. 

More than potatoes fruit and vegetables

Besides potatoes, fruits and vegetables, you can come to us for fruit juices, sauces and herbs. We also carry a special production line for cutting and processing companies, such as half cut leek, white cabbage or carrot chunks. We offer all the necessary products for specialists, street traders, catering wholesaler, as well as supermarkets and the cutting and processing companies. 

Private label and other quality brands

Willem Dijk AGF exclusively supplies quality products. We bring a number of these products on the market under our own home brand. This means you have to make sure you supply quality. We are therefore involved in the entire process, from the field to customer. More information on our product supply can be found under home brands and potatoes.