Potatoes are our specialty

With the Willem Dijk potatoes you will always be offering your customers a quality potato, whichever one you choose: big or small, crumbly or solid, new or later harvest. We have two specific potato brands on our assortment: the Flevostar and the Tukker Tuffel. The growers of both were found after a strict selection. You are assured in this that specific characteristics and quality remain constant. Of course we continue to strictly check, as only the best count. 

Tukker Tuffels

The Tukker Tuffel is a washed Bildtstar of high value quality that we select specially. This potato can be used in many ways: great to boil, bake and in salads. The Tukker Tuffel grower was found after a strict selection. By continually carrying out quality controls we guarantee that the specific characteristics and quality remain constant. This special potato is therefore very popular among consumers. 


Willem Dijk AGF carries the entire assortment of Flevostar potatoes. We have been successfully doing business with this absolute specialist in potatoes for 25 years. We supply all well known potatoes varieties by Flevostar: Bildtstar, Eigenheimer, Bintje, Doré, Santé, Nicola, Frieslander, Opperdoezer round, Irene, Agria, Rode Star, Redstar, Maritiema and Première. Flevostar also has an exclusive variety in their assortment, the Willem van Oranje. 

Willem van Oranje

With its orange coloured peel, the Willem van Oranje is a royal potato. This exclusive variety by Flevostar is a solid cooking, crumbly and tasty potato which can also be baked in the skin. The Willem van Oranje is exclusive, and only available at Willem Dijk. 

Export of potatoes

Besides the above mentioned potatoes, we also supply German potatoes such as Bellarosa, Maritiema and Allianz for export.