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Willem Dijk AGF BV is a wholesaler, importer & exporter of potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Your full service fruit and vegetable supplier in the broadest sense of the word.

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Close involvement

Potatoes, vegetables and fruit pass through many hands. In many cases this includes the trade from grower to consumer. This isn’t the case with Willem Dijk AGF. Whether it’s the distance from the field to the customer or between us and you, we choose the shortest route to guarantee the best quality. 

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An organisation you can build on

Those who deal with potatoes, fruit and vegetables every day know that distance and organisation are inextricably linked. Especially when you insist upon a 24 hour handling period being the absolute limit. To achieve this goal we have to keep intensive contact with shippers. Our commission agents regularly update us from the floor. This way we remain alert to changes on the market. This benefits the quality and freshness of the products. 

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We inport quality

We don’t import fruit and vegetables, we import quality. From the moment the fruit is on the tree, we check the quality. Whether it’s in Spain or France, the controls remain strict. 

These controls are possible because we have intensive contact with our shippers. We import a lot, so check a lot. There is also an on-location personal control once a month. 

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Continuing product and quality

Our company is located in Enschede, 5 kilometres from the German border. From there we export towards Emden, Hannover, Bielefeld, Münster and Dortmund with our lorries. Our German customers who are out with our own reach are supplied through external transport. We also export products to the north of Belgium and the UK. This is what we do every day with our driven and experienced export team. 

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Willem Dijk AGF B.V.

They are dedicated to their customers and we notice it in everything. If I don’t have strawberries, Willem will be at the door within an hour!